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Functional Telemedicine
Functional medicine & nutrition for patients in Florida and Oklahoma

VIRTUAL VISITS - Functional Medicine is an approach that considers the patient as a whole. Instead of just treating a symptom, the doctor will look "upstream" and ask, "Why is this happening? What's the root cause? Can we make a change at the source of the problem?"

No Charge consult -15 MIN

Interested in learning more about Functional Medicine and how Wellness Redefined may be of help? Have some questions about the health issues you're experiencing and if we can help? Set up a free 15-min consult with one of our practitioners to get your questions answered!

Web Consultation

Functional Medicine Intake  
60 Minutes $195

A deep dive intake, history, and assessment from the Functional Medicine perspective with one of our Functional Medicine Practitioners. Together you will come up with a priority list of what needs to be addressed and will then receive suggestions using holistic principles of diet, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, exercise, relaxation, etc.) and supplementation. Additional fees if we need to order any blood labs, advanced gut labs , hormone testing or nutrients. You will also need a ROF (Report of Findings) visit. Serving Adults and shorter intakes for children listed below. Exam fee must be paid at the time of booking.

Diet Salad

A very detailed health history form must be filled out in advance, please allow time to complete it online. These first two visits are longer so our Functional Medicine Team can really learn about you and we recommend scheduling both the exam and ROF as soon as possible as there is often a waiting list or limited availability. 

Children's Initial Intake Visit
30 Minutes $49

This initial visit if for children ages 0-12 years of age. 

To learn more about the Functional Medicine process and what to expect as a New Patient, click HERE.

Father and Children

ROF (Report Of Findings) 
60 Minutes $275
90 Minutes $425

ROF (Report of Findings) visit for patients. This is the follow up visit after your intake is done. Your provider will combine your history, intake forms, intake appointment, symptoms, and labs to come up with a priority list of what needs to be addressed and suggesting using holistic principles of diet, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, exercise, relaxation, etc), supplementation, holistic therapies, and referrals to other practitioners as needed. 

Drug Testing

Follow-Up visits with Functional Medicine Practitioner
30 MIN $150
60 Min $300

Follow-up visit for existing patients with the Functional Medicine practitioner so they may review your current protocol, make changes as needed or provide lab analysis. Allow extra time due to additional questions or complexity of labs if needed.

Pharmacy Counter

Follow-Up visits with Health Coach
30 MIN $75
60 MIN $150

These are visits to see if the protocols implemented are working as predicted. New lifestyles always are bumpy, and we're here to make this shift as easy as possible. Following your plan of health coaching visits and practitioner followup as recommended is key to getting the results you desire.

Doctor Office


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