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  • 1. Supporting Wellness
    Food, Sleep, Movement, Mindfulness Supporting Wellness is where the patient or client commits to creating change and develops a partnership with their Functional Medicine & Nutrition provider. Key Lifestyle changes such as addressing food, sleep, movement and mindfulness will support the patient/client throughout their healing journey and develop skills that will last a lifetime. Typically a 2-4 week process.
  • 2. Finding Relief
    Digestion, Inflammation, Stress, Nutrition Finding Relief addresses the initial barriers to health and wellness and brings about some palliative care. Poor digestion, inflammation, ongoing stress and essential nutrition needs will be identified with recommendations for lifestyle changes and supplementation remedies. Typically a 3-6 week process.
  • 3. Root Cause
    Gut Infections, Leaky Gut, Liver Congestion, Mitochondrial Dysfunction Root Cause is where the Functional Medicine & Nutrition provider digs deeper to uncover issues contributing to the patient/client’s symptoms. There are 4 key root cause issues that may be addressed together or one at a time, but rarely is significant change made until the following issues are resolved: Gut Infections (ex. Candida, SIBO, LIBO/dysbiosis, slow motility), Leaky Gut (ex.intestinal barrier issues, allergies, acne, autoimmunity), Liver Congestion (ex. detoxification issues, fatty liver), or Mitochondrial Dysfunction (ex. M.I.S.S.E.D. patients, chronic fatigue, pain). Typically a 3-6 month process depending on number of issues.
  • 4 Fine Tuning
    Hormone Balancing, Focused Nutrition, Immune Health Fine Tuning is a dividing point on the way to wellness. Those that are doing much better may just need minor adjustments in the following categories or those that are still challenged may need additional testing to uncover issues. This includes hormonal balancing (ex. thyroid health, sex hormones), focused nutrition (ex. micronutrient testing for vitamin/mineral/amino acid deficiency or antigenic testing for food sensitivities) and immune health (ex. ongoing infections, autoimmunity). Typically a 1-3 month process depending on issues.
  • 5 Maintaining Health
    Minimal Intervention, Life Armor, Holistic Health Maintaining Health is the ultimate goal on the way to wellness and joy and typically takes 6-12 months to reach, depending on starting issues, compliance and number of setbacks. In the Maintaining Health pillar, few interventions are needed, because the patient/client has learned to incorporate good self-care into their life. A key component in this pillar is educating the patient on being connected to their body; knowing how to identify and respond quickly to any issue that comes up before it becomes a bigger problem. At this stage we encourage patients/clients to expand this new found sense of health beyond themselves and share the gift of healthy living with family, work or their community. Experience for life!
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