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WR Services Policy

Services Policy

Our Mission is to assist you in achieving physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being using a holistic approach to health. Our Philosophy is to educate and empower you to live in optimal wellness so you may: 

**Heal from within, a body spirit mind connection**  

This approach complements any existing health care program.


**Wellness Redefined (WR) Intent:** The intent of any and all services offered and/or nutritional protocols or lifestyle recommendations suggested by Ebony Coleman APRN FNP-C and the WR team is designed to support the natural physiological & biochemical processes of the human body. The purpose is not to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. All suggested protocols are from a holistic health perspective. As such, WR does not act as your primary care provider and you must continue to have a Medical PCP and keep them informed of all your healthcare activities.


**Clients Outside of Florida and/or Oklahoma .** Our practitioners may provide coaching and consulting to anyone outside of FL regarding supplementation recommendations, lifestyle changes, and health education. This is NOT a doctor-patient relationship and you must always have a Primary Care Provider that you work with in your state. You agree to keep your Health care provider informed of all your health and lifestyle changes. Be especially mindful if you take prescriptions and lose weight as many prescribe based on weight. 


**Cancellations:**  We request a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for any cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment.  This is a consideration to our practitioners.  Short notice or no notice will result in an office visit charge at the regular rate.


**Payment of Services:**  Payment in full is expected at the time of scheduling or at the time of service.  Wellness Redefined receives payment in cash, check, credit and debit card form. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. There are no service refunds. You agree that your credit card on file will be automatically charged for any Wellness Redefined invoice generated such as your visit fee or if a supplement order or lab order is requested. You also authorize Wellness Redefined to automatically charge your credit card for any missed appointments or late cancellations of less than 48 hours in advance at the full service fee. There is no charge for rescheduling or canceling appointments more than 48 hours in advance. I am also responsible for any chargeback fees if for some reason my credit card is declined. This authorization is part of my records and will be treated with privacy, confidentiality and respect. 


**Additional time charge:** If a visit goes over the scheduled time (ex. 1 hour) then there will be an additional visit charge in 15 minute increments at the prorated rate. Your credit card on file will be charged after the visit is complete.


**Refunds:** Supplements and Lab work is purchased through outside vendors and WR can not issue any refunds, please only purchase items you intend to use. At WR you may receive a refund for a service that was prepaid but not used and cancelled with the 48-hour notice before the appointment. There are no refunds for services that have already been fulfilled (ex. after a visit). If you purchase a set of visits/services for a discount in a "package plan" and decide to not use them all - you may receive a partial refund for any remaining balance after calculating the used visits at the normal fee schedule. You may receive a refund for a prepaid visit if WR cancels the appointment and you do not wish to reschedule. 


**Primary Care Physician (PCP):**  Ebony Coleman APRN FNP-C and specializes in functional  medicine operating within the scope of her license. Ebony Coleman is not a medical doctor, does not act as a primary care provider and is not on call, nor are any Wellness Redefined practitioners. Please maintain a positive, working relationship with your medical health care provider, keep him/her informed of your healing activities and continue your regular medical care and check-ups. This applies to all providers/practitioners with Wellness Redefined.  


**Telemedicine** All of our visits are currently being held remotely and have no risk of exposure to Covid-19 and/or any virus. The use of electronic communication and information technologies to provide or support medical care at a distance.  This definition includes: (1) live interactive two-way audio-video communication; and (2) any communication modalities such as phone, fax, e-mail, the internet, and still imaging that are used in conjunction with such live two-way audio-video communication.  The same standards of care and protocol exist with telemedicine as are used when assessing and treating the patient on-site.  The provider-patient relationship is the same. Even though an “in person” examination is not performed, a physical inspection is performed utilizing the video chat and a thorough history, assessment, plan and laboratory evaluation is performed thus establishing a provider-patient relationship.


**Updates to WR Policies** All current updates to our Policies will be immediately applicable to you & all previous signers and posted on the Wellness Redefined website and in our Jane software. You may view them there or request an updated copy emailed to you at any time.


**Stopping Medication:** Wellness Redefined practitioners will **NOT** take you off any medication, which can only be done with your prescribing physician. If your goal is to decrease your need for medication, we can suggest a protocol to encourage health and then you may work with your health care provider PCP to monitor your progress and see if you are able to lower or eliminate your medication dosage over time. Keep your health care provider PCP informed. 


**Emergencies:** In case of an emergency, call your PCP, visit your local urgent care or call 911.

Informed Consent


Wellness Redefined offers a variety of holistic healthcare and/or coaching services including health coaching, functional medicine, nutritional lab education, all through practitioners operating within their scope of practice. All of these holistic services are collectively referred to as Functional Medicine or Ancillary Services. 


**INFORMED CONSENT FOR FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE AND CARE (Which includes all items mentioned above).**

To the patient (or their legal guardian, court-appointed conservator, or agent):  Please read this entire form prior to signing it.  Please ask any questions prior to signing this form if you are unclear about anything in this form.


**Other Procedures** - There are a number of other procedures used in Functional Medicine that may be utilized.  Treatment may include recommendations or referrals for physical therapy modalities like nutrition, health coaching & exercise recommendations, etc.). This informed consent extends to our staff (employed or contracted) including our nutrition advisors (Registered Dietitians, health coaches, chiropractors, nutritionists) to include all WR practitioners. Additionally, there may be referrals to other associated practitioners in the WR office or outside doctors/providers/practitioners as necessary, and their treatment should involve the same informed consent with disclosure of risks and benefits as is being done here.  For example, there can be permanent pain as a side effect of surgery as one possible consequence of that procedure.


**Probability of Risks Occurring** - With our nutrition coaching or supplementation recommendations we utilize safe nutrients from properly licensed manufacturers and check for contraindications. It is your responsibility to let your provider know of all existing health conditions, medications and to keep your team of doctors informed. Always inform your Primary Care Physician (PCP) of any diet, exercise or lifestyle changes. 


**Consequences of Not Obtaining Functional medicine or Ancillary Care** - Not obtaining Functional Medicine care and/or nutritional support will have the effect of not obtaining its benefits such as having your body function at its best ability, reducing dis-ease, peak athletic performance, etc.  


**Alternatives to Functional Medicine & Ancillary Services** - Other treatment options for your condition may include rest, acupuncture, physical therapy, medical care, medications (both over the counter and prescribed), hospitalization, surgery, and others.  If you choose to use other treatment options, you should discuss the risks and benefits with your medical doctor or other providers.  


**Telemedince care** All of our visits are currently being held remotely and have no risk of exposure to Covid-19 and/or any virus. 


**Updates to Informed Consent** All current updates to our Informed Consent will be immediately applicable to you & all previous signers and posted on the Wellness Redefined website and in our Jane software. You may view them there or request an updated copy emailed to you at any time.

HIPPA Privacy Notice

Last updated on: 07/23/2021


Wellness Redefined (WR)

Ebony Coleman, APRN FNP C 

6608 N Western Ave #3087 Oklahoma City, OK 7311

405-777-2739 -




In the course of your care as a patient or client with any practitioner at Wellness Redefined (WR), we may use or disclose personal and health-related information about you in the following ways:


-Your personal health information, including your clinical records, may be disclosed to another health care provider or hospital if it is necessary to refer you for further diagnosis, assessment or treatment.

-Your health care records, as well as your billing records, may be disclosed to another party, such as an insurance carrier, an HMO, a PPO, or your employer (if they are or may be responsible for the payment of your services.)

-Your name, address, phone number, and your health care records may be used to contact you regarding appointment reminders, to provide information about alternatives to your present care, or to provide other health-related information that may be of interest to you.

-**We may also provide treatment in an “open” or “group adjusting”  or "group nutrition" or "group coaching" environment where other patients may be seen and advised at the same time in close proximity to you.**  This situation would necessitate the discussion of your health, subjective symptoms/treatment, etc. in the presence of other patients. **You may always choose to exclusively participate in private appointments.** 


You have a right to confidential communications and to request restrictions relative to such contacts.  You also have the right to be contacted by alternative means or at alternative locations.  Such requests must be made to us in writing.  Such requests are not automatic and require the agreement of this office.


If you are not at home to receive an appointment reminder, a message may be left on your answering machine or with a person in your household.  


Further, you have the right to inspect or obtain a copy of the information we will use for these purposes.  You also have the right to refuse to provide authorization for this office to contact you regarding these matters.  If you do not provide us with this authorization it will not affect the care provided to you or the reimbursement avenues associated with your care.  


Under federal law, we are also permitted or required to use or disclose your health information without your consent or authorization in the following circumstances:


-If we are providing health care services to you based on the orders of another health care provider.  

-If we provide health care services to you in an emergency.

-If we are required by law to provide care to you and we are unable to obtain your consent after attempting to do so.

-If there are substantial barriers to communicating with you, but in our professional judgment we believe that you intend for us to provide care.

-If we are ordered by the courts or another appropriate agency. 


You have a right to receive an accounting of any such disclosures made by this office.  Any use or disclosure of your protected health information, other than as described in the examples outlined above, will only be made upon your written authorization.  We normally provide information about your health care to you at the time you receive health coaching, functional medicine, nutritional advice, etc from us.  We may also mail, email or text information to you regarding your health care or about the status of your account. If you would like to receive this information at an address other than your home or, if you would like the information in a different form, please advise us in writing as to your preferences. We use a HIPAA compliant EHR system and email but please keep in mind there are inherent risks in electronic communication. If you would prefer to not utilize email as a form of communication please inform Wellness Redefined in writing and please do not email the office. Sending an email to and asking questions pertaining to health or your personal information will be presumed as you granting permission to communicate via email along with this signed HIPAA form.


You have the right to inspect and/or copy your health information for seven years from the date that the record was created for as long as the information remains in our files.  In addition, you have the right to request an amendment to your health information.  As per allowance by HIPAA recommendations & as a non-covered entity, the charge will be 25 cents per page.


Requests to inspect, copy or amend your health-related information should be provided to us in writing.


We make every effort to follow the state and federal recommendations to maintain the privacy of your patient file and the health protected health information therein.


We also make every effort to follow the state and federal recommendations to provide you with this notice of our privacy practices with respect to your health information.  We make every effort to abide by the terms of this notice while it is in effect.


We reserve the right to alter or amend the terms of this privacy notice.  If changes are made to our privacy notice, we will notify you in writing as soon as possible following the changes.  Any change in our privacy notice will apply for all of your health information in our files.


If you have a complaint regarding our privacy notice, our privacy practices or any aspect of our privacy activities you should direct your complaint to: 405-256-8998


You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services at 200 Independence Ave, S.W. Washington D.C. 20201.  If you choose to lodge a complaint with this office or with the Secretary your care will continue and you will not be disadvantaged by this office or our staff in any manner whatsoever.


This notice is effective (updated)  as of July 23, 2021.  This notice and any alterations or amendments made hereto will expire seven years after the date upon which the record was created.


All current updates to our Privacy Policy will be immediately applicable to you and all previous signers and posted on the Wellness Redefined website and in our Jane software. You may view them there or request an updated copy emailed to you at any time.

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