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Kim Boucher Health Coach


Kim is your guide on the side as you walk your path to wellness. Virtually, from Minnesota, she will help you find your “why” for getting healthy.  Kim will help you discover the many strengths that you naturally possess.  Combining these and through the coaching process, she will meet you where you are at and walk along your side as you implement steps to be the best version of you. 

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Kim will be your teacher.  She is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Kim is also working on her Functional Medicine, Heart Math, and National Board certifications.  Her love of learning has always been a passion of hers.  As a licensed teacher, Kim has experience putting presentations together to educate children to adults.  She has experience coaching all ages, even children.  She loves learning and reading about the body’s pathways.  When her clients are curious about something or want to understand the whys of their treatment plan, Kim puts on her researcher hat and will find the answer.  She loves explaining how nutrition, exercise, sleep, and calmness can add to her client’s health.


Kim will be your cheerleader.  If you love to laugh and celebrate your steps of success, Kim will be a good fit for you.  She loves to see her clients transform before her eyes!  This is her “why” for pursuing her coaching mission.  She loves to “walk the talk of health.”  Kim understands as we get stronger on embracing our goals, walking the path gets easier.  The path may not change, but we get smarter as we navigate it.  As she strives to stay healthy, her passion for healthy food, walking, dancing, meditation, laughing and her love of her family and friends keep her on her path. 


She believes EveryBODY deserves to be healthy and happy no matter what age!  So let’s do this. 


Come join our team as we guide you down the road to a new wellness!  We are looking forward to meeting you.  We are a click away!

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